Ayubliss aims to disseminate knowledge and apply treatments from Ayurveda (Sanskrit: Ayur = life, veda = science, knowledge) is the traditional medicine of ancient India.


The various services offered by Ayubliss concern the care of the person and the well-being from the knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine …

These are mainly consultations conducted by a qualified doctor, Dr. Sangeeta Renard, who provides care and individualized treatment.


The office is located Ayubliss Eysins, 2 minutes from Nyon. It is easily accessible and has free parking spaces. see map


As part of its business, Dr. Renard also proposes :


Traditional massage

Detox cure

Yoga classes

Diet counseling

Courses in stress management


Ayubliss in Crassier

Chemin du Levrioux 14
1263 Crassier

Tél. +41 (0)22 361 61 66
+41 (0)78 910 08 34

Ouvert du lundi au samedi
de 8h.00 à 19h.00


Consultations by appointment


Ayubliss in Bellevue

Traitements ayurvédiques
Esthétiques ayurvédiques
Vente de produits ayurvédiques
Artisanat Indien

Route de Lausanne 351
1293 Bellevue

Tél. +41 (0)22 774 00 22
+41 (0)78 910 08 34

Ouvert du mardi au samedi
de 10h.00 à 17h00

Ma boîte à outils du 28 nov 2011 par nyonregiontv

Ayubliss est un cabinet de soins très agréable et Sangeeta est très compétente. (Gilles)