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Meditation is part of the Ayurvedic treatments to fulfil the most essential part of our being to reach a higher level of Consciousness. Automatically and integrated with other aspects connected with our nature and constitution, it will be a supplemental element to give us the proper balanced attitude in our life and solve a lot of our inner and outer problems.


Ayubliss propose cessions of meditation where the aim is to reach a balanced state

in which we can experience an inner well being, peace, harmony, bliss, joy

beyond our limited conscious mind, body and emotions.


This meditation to be effective and real should start with the subtle and spontaneous or effortless, but desired and guided awakening of the Kundalini that from the sacrum bone has to reach the seventh centre or Chakra (Sahasrara in Sanskrit) that put us automatically in a state called of “thoughtless awareness” where commences a physiological process of re-balancing the complex interrelationships between the autonomous, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.


This first primordial spontaneous experience is called Self-Realisation (Atmasakshatkar) where we enter and discover our spiritual Self, the Spirit. This awakening process is effortless and spontaneous, just working through a sincere desire and proper conditions. So, it cannot be reduced to our efforts or be rationalised because is infinite and absolute. Only our Kundalini can bridge our small self with the greater Self or Reality. Our attention gets united with the Spirit through the care of Kundalini to lead us to Divine Bliss and Joy.


The awakening of Kundalini is a natural process that help us to perceive, feel and establish this state of meditation that allow us to really make our consciousness grow. This state of meditation is then dependent upon the subtle balance of the autonomous nervous system composed of 3 energy Channels and seven main energy centres or Chakras.



We have just to sit down and practice regularly this effortless process of the rising of Kundalini

that bring us, through this real state of meditation, to a new dimension, and give us the tools

to balance ourselves, to enjoy the present time and experience a good health

physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.



Benefits of meditation


The body’s nervous system composed of the Central, Peripheral and Autonomic Nervous Systems which is part of an ultra sophisticated mechanism, control how we act and perceive our universe through the senses and the autonomic system. The meditation process is linked with this Autonomic Nervous System that is divided into three aspects: the Parasympathetic nervous system; the sympathetic nervous system left and right. These systems governs the automatic running of our bodies by controlling essential non-conscious tasks such as the rate of our beat and breathing. Meditation is part of this automatic, effortless process in a subtle way.

One of the beneficial side effects of a peaceful and thoughtless meditation is that our autonomic system automatically reduces any physical over-activity in our body. It has been suggested that this is accomplished through the improved energy flows which occur at the Limbic area.

There are immediate benefits in stress relief and a feeling of peace and contentment. Physically, it helps in prevention and cure of illnesses which are otherwise difficult to cure mentally and emotionally. It helps one to attain balance, and spiritually one can attain the highest level of enlightenment.


Physical benefits of meditation


It is our subtle body which co-ordinates all the work done by the organs and the cells in our body. When one of our chakras is blocked, physical dysfunctions appear in the organs it controls. Then most of the illnesses appear. The traditional medicine tries to cure the symptoms. At the contrary, an effective type of meditation allows us to attack the causes directly, by re-balancing our subtle system and by cleaning our centres. Thus, even so-called incurable illnesses can be cured in a spontaneous manner by the purifying work of the energy of the Kundalini.


Mental benefits of meditation


When we enter a state of meditation, we enter a realm of silence; the thoughts which assail us fade away, and the reality of the present is revealed to us in all its intensity. Our senses send us a direct image of the world which is not altered by our mind or our conditionings.


Emotional benefits of meditation


When the Kundalini is awakened and we are immersed in a state of meditation, our emotions are also brought into balance. All the weaknesses which hinder the expression of pure and sincere sentiments, such as greed, insecurity, jealousy etc. are reduced when the joy of meditation is felt. This joy is absolute, devoid of all duality. This same joy becomes the motivation of our emancipation.


Spiritual benefits of meditation


Especially Sahaj Kundalini Yoga Meditation reveals to us the eternal, divine being that is truth, awareness and bliss (Sat-Chit-Ananda). We become part and parcel of the whole, like a drop in that ocean of love, and in meditation we melt into that Primordial Being. This experience is the next stage in the evolution of an ordinary human being’s awareness: that person is said to be born again or realized. This means that our spiritual essence, that had been hidden until then, becomes reality. Our union (Yoga) with the whole will become stronger and stronger as we go along and that is without doubt the most precious benefit that Kundalini awakening can bring us. This middle way that is established within us day after day by our Kundalini will shower blessings of all sorts upon us, not only of a physical, emotional or psychological nature, but also material, social and professional benefits.


The subtle body


Inside every human being there is a network of nerves and sensory organs which help us to perceive, to interpret and interact with the outside physical world. Closely related with this, at an unconscious level, there also resides within us a system of three channels (Nadis), seven energy centres (Chakras) and the Kundalini. This is what we can call the subtle body. Its purpose is not only to govern our physical body, but also all aspects of our mental and emotional bodies, as well of our spiritual being.


When the Kundalini is awakened, it rises up in the spine and pierces the seven chakras where at the level of the fontanel bone area we begin to feel the awakening of our subtle central nervous system expressed as a “cool breeze” or vibrations that manifest to prove our connection with something higher. When the Kundalini reach the seventh centre we get connected to this subtle system that give us some information’s as sensations inside, on our body and more precisely on our hands and fingers.


We can then use this new awareness or “vibratory awareness”,

to diagnose more precisely by ourselves, the imbalances to the channels or damaged chakras.


We suddenly and spontaneously access to the deepest aspects of our being and start to discover the archetypes, essential qualities or inner values and good principles that are normally dormant and locked in the chakras when not awaken.


Through regular practice of meditation we can sustain the ascent of Kundalini within us and

this has the spontaneous effect of nourishing our Chakras and bringing up our channels into balance.


We will discover that these inner qualities will manifest and start to express themselves in our life. We automatically find ourselves more dynamic, confident and joyful and at the same time more humble, loving, compassionate and serene.


The Kundalini


It is the primordial purest and subtler energy of all energies and it is located in the sacrum bone at the base of the spine in three and a half coils. Though it is dormant in the majority of people, it has recorded everything about them. It knows what we need and what is good for us and its awakening is an extremely nourishing and comforting experience. As such, this Energy can be called as a spiritual Mother inside us. The Kundalini can also be compared to a rope made of thousands of strands moving up in a spiral way.


On the way up, the Kundalini has to nourish and cleanse the damaged chakras. Reaching the seventh Chakra, it will strength the experience of the Kundalini, integrating at that point all the elements and qualities of the other chakras. The intensity of the experience of meditation depend on many factors contains in the human being, but the strength of seeking expressed by the pure desire inside to know the Truth, will make the difference.


We can really feel some profound feelings of bliss in a state of silence and sense of real peace expressed through the coolness of vibrations on top of the head and in the hands and sometimes all around us.


On the process, some heat or disturbances can be felt as the Kundalini expels problems or imbalances from the Nadis and chakras.


We have then to learn how to decode, respond and treat those disturbing things

to go into a deeper meditation that will help us in return to clear more our subtle system,

develop qualities and make us higher human beings.


The Channels


The human nervous system is divided into a central and an autonomic nervous system. The autonomic is divided into parasympathetic and sympathetic systems.


The parasympathetic nervous system is giving energy, vitality and relaxes

as the sympathetic nervous system has been created to use this vital energy, so to spend and contract. This nourishing process can be only there when the Kundalini is awaken and start to act.


The left sympathetic (Ida nadi) and right sympathetic (Pingala nadi) are used for our day to day conscious physical, mental and emotional activity.


The central Channel of Sushumna nadi manifests the parasympathetic nervous system. Govern by itself, it controls our involuntary activities such as heartbeat, breathing and reflex, that is, unconscious.


 The Chakras


In the subtle body there are seven main Chakras or centres of energy. There are known as Wheel because of the spin movement of energies for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual activities. The energy fields are whirl around in horizontal plane, rotating clockwise at a certain frequency according to their respective places in the body.


Each Chakra contains a new dimension to our awareness as a step in our evolution.

Every movement of the Chakra emits vibrations.

The understanding of the qualities they express and manifest and what aspects disturb them

 is very important for our well-being. This can be learned in the meditation sessions.


Every desire, thought or action influence the sensitivity and performance of the Chakras. When the Chakras are becoming insensitive due to catches, the Kundalini cannot ascent to pierce them and develop them.

We can perceived catches through our awaken system by some sensations as heat in the body, pains, disturbances; in the hands as pressure, heat, prickling sensations…


Ayubliss  gives you not only the opportunity of experimenting the rising of Kundalini (Self-Realisation),

but also provide ways and methods to learn about your inner system and how to meditate properly.

In more practical way, there are some treatments of the channels and Chakras that can be learned

at each session of meditation according to the constitution and specific problems of each person.


As the Kundalini and this process belongs to you and it is awakened through your own desire

-where the people who present that are just passing a spiritual message-

the Self-Realisation and the meditation sessions are free of cost.



The schedule for meditation classes either individual or collective are:

  • Every friday from 8:00- 9:00 pm for first session
  • Every friday from 7:00 – 8:00 pm for regular course at Rue St. Jean 1, 1260 Nyon



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Ma boîte à outils du 28 nov 2011 par nyonregiontv

Livre d'Or
Mon cas était désespéré, la médecine traditionnelle ne pouvait plus rien pour moi. J'ai perdu le goût et l'odorat suite à des sinusites chroniques et ça depuis 12 ans. Je me suis faite opérée 3 fois, ai essayé l'homéopathie, l’ostéopathie, l'acupuncture et j'en passe et rien n'a fonctionné. Ça fait a peu près 2 mois que le Dr Sangeeta me traite. La première fois qu'on s'est vue, elle m'a dit on va trouver le moyen de vous soigner, chose que je n'avais pas entendu depuis longtemps. On me disait plutôt je ne peux rien vous garantir. Et vous savez quoi, elle a réussi car j'ai retrouvé le goût et l'odorat. Je revis. Merci Dr Sangeeta. (Valérie)